Sunday, 1 April 2012

Great ears!

Bobbin and Bonnie (boarding dogs) are having a great time playing chase.
I have just put them back in their own unit for a snooze as they would play all day. I love to see them though, having some freedom and space to play.
I have had all the boarding dogs out together this morning and what a good time they all had. As I find my feet with this new business venture, always erring on the side of caution, I try new ways and as with my own dogs, I feel the best way to fully exercise a dog is off the lead, chasing and wrestling with others. This is all subject to temperament, age, gender and willingness. Of course

The pully systems are now all in situ for the trapdoors. (It took me all week) I am so pleased with them as they are substantial, aesthetically pleasing and very robust.

Jess (my cocker spaniel) is so very energetic and enthusiastic. She shot out of my gate as we were heading off across the fields and she slammed into a log. Needless to say she is feeling very sorry for herself now.

What beautiful weather again and thank goodness as my eldest son is on his silver D of E practice walk.
He was so looking forward to it so I am pleased the weather has been kind to them as it is miserable on the move for 3 days, camping and getting wet and cold.
He is about to seriously start fund raising as he is going to Tanzania next year to build toilets and teach english in an orphanage.
My youngest is running 3K at the Derby fun run. Good luck

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