Saturday, 14 April 2012

Oh! My! Goodness!

And I thought she must have just bruised herself when she ran into the log but as she was non weight bearing the next day I took her to  Bob Payne (Vet in Willington) He referred her to specialists in Lichfield and she had her fractured femur pinned and plated that very day.
I have no idea why but she wasn't pregnant which is a blessing as she has a few weeks of recovery and behaving herself.

Sorry to all those waiting so patiently for her off spring but she will make a full recovery and I shall mate her her next season in about 6 months time.

On a lighter note.
I have Red boarding with me at the moment. She is one of Toffee's last years litter and what a ball of fluff she is. I shall try and get a photograph of her if she will stay still long enough. She has a beautiful character too.

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