Friday, 1 March 2013

We plough the fields and scatter

Well it felt like the autumn song as the horses have well and truely ploughed the fields as it has been so very wet for so long and we don't have stables.

A good thing for the horses as long as they are well fed and have good rugs on to keep them warm.
A good thing for my boys (who's horses they are) as they don't have mucking out etc to do

As the rain stops and the land begins to dry, fingers crossed that is what is happening at the moment, keeping the horses on the land helps it to flatten down again. My boys and I sewed grass seed last evening so the seed is under the surface as the horses hooves knock it down.

Well that is my theory and hope fully we will have reasonably nice looking grass paddocks ready for our Family Fun and Doggy day on Monday 6th May     and improved grazing for our horses of course :)

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