Tuesday, 26 March 2013

What weather!!

Ok, so the weather hasn't been great but I love it.
I put on extra layers and off I go to tend the dogs.

They love to run, wrestle and play with each other and in the snow. Find a piece of ice and the fun begins as they play chase with it. When they are all huffing and puffing back into their units they go where they have food and water and their under floor heating is on. For the ones who feel the cold I shut down their hatch as it is very windy at the moment too. They all seem to be happy and now one is off their food which is always a good sign.

We have just had two of our favourites in Missie and Dillon (Bull Mastiffs) Huge dogs but lovely. My boys have been fascinated by them and have given them extra attention. Missie in particular has responded very well to it and has settled well indead. They are coming back in May so must be happy.

Bae (F1 Labradoodle) has eventually come into season after 10 months so by the time we have puppies available from her she will have been approximately 2 years since her last litter. She does produce lovely puppies though and I am covering her with a miniature poodle this time so should make slightly smaller Labradoodles

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