Sunday, 27 January 2013


Phoebe (My now 4 months old Rottweiler) hates getting her feet wet or dirty.

We went for a 7 mile walk today, along the canal so nice and flat for her. The track was very we, of course and some areas that were well trodden, muddy and some puddles. The lengths she would go to to avoid getting her feet either wet or dirty. She did make me laugh lots. She teetered on the very edge of the canal, almost falling into the canal which would have seriously shocked her.

We walked to The Dragon and enjoyed a drink. She got lots of fuss and we enjoyed the return walk.

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  1. We have a friend with a HUGE Rottie called Jake - he's the biggest, softest Rottie we've ever met but; he flat out refuses to go anywhere when it's raining! Who'd have thought Rotties could be such prima donnas! :)