Friday, 11 January 2013

Training has begun

Phoebe had her first training class last evening.

She was a good girl for just 17 weeks old.

I did make a mistake in letting the boys play with her for a good while before we went so she got very tired and lost concentration but for her first time I was pleased with her. Her basics are good but if I had the treat in my hand when giving a command she was tempted to jump up. If I just pretended by closing my fist she was so much better. I do not want her jumping up as a full grown girl.
Close heal work and stay are going to be my focus for this week.

Dorris (Mel's Rotti) went too and she was great.

Having watched them both and observed how eager to please their owners they both are and once off the lead they remained loyal to us, I do think that Rottweilers are such lovely dogs and both Mel and I are working to ensure they stay that way and see if we can dispel the bad reputation the breed has. Well we won't be doing it any harm :)

In our home she is never left un attended and loose, I put her in her crate or I have a small pen to contain her. She is given things she can chew and play with and of course, hasn't damaged anything as yet and nor should she. The size and sharpness of her teeth, she could chew through cables or shoes in no time :)

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