Saturday, 5 January 2013

Mesmerised !

No she wasn't a help with decorating the tree and yes she did manage to trash a few decorations but what fun we all had in the process. Phoebe got quite good at pulling crackers too although she was very nervous of them at first.

My boys have been doing some training with her too ad teaching her to roll over, turn a circle and play with her own tail. All good fun and any training opportunity has to be good for her.

She continues to be a good girl with things like socialisation, recall, heal, sit and down. As she comes to work with me I am trying to stop her running up to our guests owners as they arrive to collect or drop off their dogs as they may be un nerved by a Rottweiler. She is getting better which is great as I am really enjoying having her with me all the time.  She also needs a lot of practise with the "stay" command as she wants to be with me.
Our formal training starts this week so lets see how we get along.

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