Saturday, 19 January 2013

Well done South Derbyshire Council

My son works on a horse stud farm 8 am till 4 pm every Saturday. It is very much off the beaten track so I suggested we set on 1 hour early for a, usually 20 mins journey. We had on our wellies, hat, coat etc. Filled the car with all the "just in case" kit and off we set. Astonishingly the roads were clear (a good few inches at the sides) The only difficult bit was the last drag up a single track, very steep slope but we made it. Low gear, all the way.

I did consider my fuel consumption and the things we do for our children as it probably cost me more than he earns but for me it is worth it as not once did he complain about having to go to work, out side in these difficult conditions.

I do just hope the return journey is equally as easy :)

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