Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Getting out

I took Phoebe out to a friends today. There are dogs, horses, chickens and cats so a great educational opportunity for her in that she was not allowed to chase/eat the chickens and the cats put her in her place even though she really wanted to push the boundaries. She was very submissive with the dogs which is just how I want her to be too.

She was a very good girl and as always she was off the lead and never ventured too far away and came when called, almost straight away.

Her training continues along the right lines in that I am really working on her "stay" command and as she is so very fond of food I make her sit, stay and wait before she can eat. I can see it is torture to her but it should help to get a very clear message to her and form good foundations to her training.

Her heal work is doing ok but I think I may need her on a lead a little more to establish very close work and I don't really want to do this. I shall see what our trainer says on the topic tomorrow.

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