Thursday, 30 June 2011

Stop the express train!!

The cattery is quite busy and I do make a point of giving every cat that wants it some TLC.

The dogs are mostly quite young and full of energy so need lots of exercise.

My phone is very busy as people are booking their cats in for the summer (almost full now).

Also this week my boys have "trips week" at school which means often they are in 3 different place at 3 different times.
My eldest is doing his work experience. SOOO grown up. He is on a stud/horse yard and having a great time. (it's miles away from here of course)

My middle son is doing his D of E in the peak district and I will find out this evening if he has had fun.

My youngest does different every day. Fencing, football, swimming gala, Peak district walk are but a few of the activities.

My boys are at the Derby Grammar School and never have I had cause to drag them to school and they are all achieving well but most importantly they are  HAPPY.

In between I try and keep on top of the housework:)

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