Tuesday, 28 June 2011

How dare they!!

This evening my dogs were disturbed just as dusk was falling. My middle son looked out of the window to see two youths, who must have come through my closed gate, walking down our drive. Our drive leads onto our land and our land onto the neighbours. There is no access road nor any rights of way. I shouted out of the window as by this time they were climbing our fencing into our fields. They told me they were on there way to Sinfin!!

The route they were taking was in the wrong direction and what is wrong with the highway?

I called the police who were here very quickly. I also called the neighbours as they were heading for his land. He called our other neighbours and as the light faded the fields were full of men with torches and tractors combing the area. If nothing else I do hope that they get a clear message that the rural neighbourhood watch scheme works very well.

Needless to say I have double checked everything is locked and I have left my dogs in various places to increase our security.

The police were very good in terms of combing the area and informing me of their ongoing activity. I shall have no hesitation in contacting them should I have any cause for further concern.

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