Sunday, 12 June 2011


My eldest son had just had a great session with our big 17.3hh horse. We are getting him fit for horse camp in the summer.

He was turning him out into the paddock. We know he has separation anxiety so always let him go in a certain way as he often shoots off to his mates. except this time he spun into the handle of the open gate which impaled him, thank fully between his ribs and came straight out. He had an indentation the length of our index finger. He was clearly very shocked as he stood, motionless. He started to shake. My son was clearly upset and asked me to call the vet. Finch staggers a while then lay down, flat on his side and threw back his head. He was making strange noises and his eyes were rolling.

We all thought he was dying!!.

After what seemed an age he got up, shook his head and started eating grass.

4 days on he seems fine. He has a swelling which is close to where the girth sits but we shall tack him up and see how it goes today :)

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