Friday, 24 June 2011

We should have puppies soon :)

These two got married this morning. They courted a little first of course. Toffee, you may not recognise her with her smart hair cut but she is our miniature poodle. Duky is a KC registered cocker spaniel. Both have the most wonderful temperaments and the resulting puppies should be lovely. As one of the purposes to cross breeding with poodles is to reduce hair loss, I have purposefully used a working line as they are much less hairy and toffee will add the curl and thickness of coat.

lots of people have made enquiries about the development of our dog boarding facility. They have heard about it through word of mouth or via the local paper so, thanks to the paper for the publicity.
The project is moving along nicely. The plans look great and I am sourcing under floor heating and self filling water pots at the moment.

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