Friday, 18 February 2011

Finch and my hack out

I took my lovely horse out today.

It is months since he went out on his own and for a horse with separation anxieties that was quite something. He was not keen but with some very positive encouragement he went. It is very important to build and maintain their ability to be independent as we like to, on occasions separate them from the herd, which goes against their natural instincts.

He was a good boy and eventually settled. To begin with he was leaping at the slightest noise or rustle in the hedge. He shot across the road at a pheasant. Strangely enough my horse has never really bother about traffic or trains and as we have to go over the railway bridge that is a good thing.

I really must keep going out with him now as summer approaches he needs to get fitter.

Don't we all!!

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