Sunday, 18 September 2011

Boy! have we had some rain?

Yes I know we needed it but some very heavy showers.
The good thing is that temperatures are still quite high so the ground warm and the grass will grow, which means the horses eat and I don't have to put out hay. I am for ever trying to keep the costs down of our expensive hobby but we do love it.

The dogs are all great at the moment. Gemma the old girl is particularly lively. Not sure why but it is lovely to see as she flies around our yard winding everyone up at then sits on the cheese stone and watches them.
I have told her she is getting a little round and needs to watch her weight but she is a Labrador and won't listen. I will keep a close eye on her though as she is very aged and clearly well loved by both myself and my boys.

The puppies are very active now, trying to run and wrestling well.
Their coat is sooo soft are they are all getting quite fluffy.

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