Sunday, 25 September 2011

Duke came to visit

Duke is dad of the puppies, of course and he came to visit today. Red was interested to meet his Dad but he wasn't too bothered. What a lovely natured dog he is though. My own dogs went a little mad but he was completely un phased by them. He strolled into our house and wandered and said hello to all.

My house was full as we have our "Because we would like one" party, which was great fun but he wasn't bothered and chatted to all.

The weather held off and we managed our game of rounders. we had a lovely mix of friends and family and all seemed to mingle and chat. The evening was very relaxed and all seemed to have enjoyed. in fact we have been asked when are we holding another. It was so lovely to spend a decent amount of time with my family as they all stayed over and spent most of Sunday with us too.

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