Wednesday, 21 September 2011

4 weeks old today

Playing hide and seek.

 As you can see the puppies are so cute. They are very active and 2 can squeeze through the barrier and chase Mum around the porch. Toffee has had enough of them feeding off her now and as they have sharp claws and teeth I cannot blame her.

I have been log chopping this morning, preparing for a cold winter. Chain saws are great at making a big job so very easy.
The grape vine is almost stripped which I do every autumn.
I have been collecting the apples and pears in the orchard and giving them to the horses. They love them. They have had some grapes too.

The cattery is still very busy which is great but only one rabbit in today.

My boys and I are having a "because we want one" party. We have family coming down from Yorkshire and our local friends are joining us. We are kicking off with a game of rounders. We have not had the best of years so what better reason to have a party.
I hope the weather holds out.

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