Thursday, 22 September 2011

Been playing

The special effects available on my computer are fantastic. You can cut and tweak a quite ordinary picture and make I look quite special. Whats more I didn't need my boys to show me how to use it :)

This is, of course one of our 4 week old puppies.

We played on our  horses this evening. Warmed up in the menage then the boys wanted to do some jumping in our fields. I know you may think we have had some rain but our ditches are bone dry, to the extent that the horses could walk through them. We built a nice little cross country course. What fun and it makes all the hard work of caring for the horses worth while. We don't have stables so I will need to clip their hair off as they will sweat and then get a chill as they will go into the night air and get cold but when they are clipped they do not sweat up as much so dry quicker.

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