Friday, 21 November 2014

All quiet

This is my quietest time of the year so I'm going to get painting the dog units to freshen everywhere up.

Dogs really are so messy compared to cats.

I use a specialist masonary paint inside the dog units. This seals the block so any dogs urinating on the wall, it will sit on the surface and be easily cleaned and sprayed with Virkon, my powerful detergent.

Painting also freshens everywhere up too as I do like my place to always look clean and tidy and welcoming to my guests :) and their owners :)

The cattery had a big facelift earlier so other than cleaning we are ready for our next busy period will will be Christmas now.

It was with sadness that I saw on the TV the reports of poor puppies being smuggled into the UK bringing in, who knows what diseases. The puppies travel in dreadful conditions and many loose their life making the journey. I hate to think what conditions their parents are being kept in.

Rabies is a real risk around Europe and this type of activity could well bring it to the UK but if people here didn't buy these puppies then this smuggling would be futile and stop!!

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