Monday, 1 June 2015

What's new?

Where do I begin? :)

We now have a large, supper, dooper  dog run which goes round the island and takes in trees so great for shade on those illusive hot, sunny, summer days. This gives me 3 large exercise areas so ready for the busy summer.

My lovely horse had to be put to sleep as had a long standing problem with his hind legs. So very sad but at least he isn't being passed onto some poor, unsuspecting buyer and I will look again as not ready to hang up my riding boots yet :)

We have acquired a micro pig called Whinney. She thinks she is a dog and cannot settle with other pigs. In fact she does fight them. She is great with my dogs, is house trained and comes when called. She loves fuss and likes watching TV too :)

My ride on mower is proving fantastic and helping me keep on top of maintenance of the place.

My lovely boys are in the middle of exams and seem to be working and doing well. Time will tell :)
Despite having an unconditional offer at university to study business studies with H R my middle son is working hard to do well with his A levels.

I am a very proud Mum

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