Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Busy days!!

 Dog boarding is well underway now we have final sign off from council.

My youngest son has named it          Dogs Paws    Just need to find a logo now.

I am spending quite a lot of time pricing and sourcing materials such as concrete block, under floor heating systems, self filling water bowls etc, etc What fun.

The area is dug out and weather permitting the concrete base will be laid soon. The builders are (I hope ) very efficient and we should be able to take bookings for Christmas.

The cattery is a little quieter which is no bad thing.
All of the Cockerpoos have lovely homes which is great and so very rewarding.

Winter is nearly upon us so we start feeding hard feed regularly to our horses and putting hay out although grass is still growing. The ground temperature needs to drop below 7 degrees to stop it.

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