Wednesday, 26 October 2011

It's all go!

I am shattered but what fun.

My boys are on half term so, as always they are priority and when my middle sons asked "would you pop me to Alton Towers to meet my friends?" "of course" I replied.  He had a great day.
They had a show jumping training evening at Hargate Arena too this evening. My youngest son is out on a sleepover and visiting Water World tomorrow so he will be having fun too. He had two friends here for a sleep over last evening which was very entertaining and all 5 boys played outside for hours.

We have quite a few cats and small pets in who all need some TLC which my boys are happy to help me with.

Dog boarding is going very well and starting to take shape. The outer skin is almost complete so the layout of the units is the next step. Under floor heating goes in early next week.
I am managing the project and sourcing and ordering materials. This saves me significant amounts of money but does add to the pressures of life as when the builders run out of or don't have materials when needed the book stops with me. Arrr!!

Winter is well on it's way and our horses are now clipped, having winter feed and hay. They are very fit and looking great as they have worked well over the summer.
I am hoping to have some time to compete at dressage over the winter. This is a great way to keep them fit. My saddle fitter is coming in the morning to check our saddles. This is something many horse people over look but really is so important to a horses way of going. The farrier is here again too. new shoes!!

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