Saturday, 21 May 2011

The power of Vicks

Yes, Vicks to help you breath more easily when you have a cold.

My eldest son loves riding my 17.2hh horse (a big boy). He is very bothered by flies and head shakes masses when he works. As he head shakes he lifts his head and goes very hollow through his back, making it impossible to sit to and work him properly. It is so uncomfortable and it makes the riders back ache after a while.
We have tried all the predictable methods to deal with the problem. Fly spray, mask, nose net, feeding garlic etc. Our trainer suggested using Vicks under his nose net, on his nostrils.  I must admit, we were sceptical but thought we'd give it a go as had nothing to loose.

Wow!! I cannot believe the result. I have just done some great work with him. Very intense and difficult for one so large and he was great. My son was my trainer and we were both amazed as we realised he didn't head shake once.

We are praying for rain as our grass needs to grow to feed our horses.

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