Sunday, 15 May 2011

Been busy!!

I had an operation on my foot last Thursday. The surgeon told me 5 mins per hour, weight baring, for 2 weeks. I did well for a couple of days (whilst it hurt a lot) but I'm glad he didn't see me today!!

An early start to walk, feed and poo pick our dogs and puppies

Next- tending all our boarding animals (they all need a little TLC too)

Next- drop my youngest for his day paint balling with his friends

Next- home to help my eldest prepare for his pony games competition and the International Horse trials at Chatsworth House.   WOW what a setting and the children had a fantastic day, all smiling and no disasters thank goodness. They did very well.

Next- drop my middle son with my partner (the two of them went to the cinema and had a very tasty subway) They had a lovely day.

Chatsworth took up many hours however I did sneak a little sit down and enjoyed the Sue Carson Dressage demonstration. Fantastically elegant. I'm enthused and want to get on my horse!

Next -it's now evening so gather my boys, care for all the animals, both boarders and guests.

Next - Late evening Honey is leaving home (Jackapoo puppy) Mr and Mrs Dickerson and delighted with her and promise to keep in touch. Honey is going to have a lovely life attending many local council appointments with Mrs Dickerson.

Next- Very late evening   "Whats for tea?" asks my eldest son.

It is a great life and such good fun but at times exhausting.

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