Friday, 6 July 2012

Idilic life??

Ok, so it is not always an idilic life style as today I have been trying to divert the flow of water off my drive and cleaning out drains but it is all part of it. This weather is showing me just what I need to do to have my place as close to perfect as is possible. :)

The cattery has stood up to it very, very well in fact, I did have to laugh as, as the torrential rain fell I looked across and saw every unit with the cat occupant sat out in their run (under cover of course).

The dog boarding has just let some rain water in through the block work at the rear. The roof continues to leak but I have a solution to that. The dogs really don't mind getting wet and have had their usual amount of exercise and play time. I am on my 4th change of dry clothes today.

I do really enjoy it though which is half the battle. I love making sure all the animals in my care are well cared for no matter what the weather.

I have noticed an incredible amount of slugs this year. I guess due to the wet and humid conditions. There are also mini tree frogs every where. I haven't spotted them on my land before.

Summer is on it's way.        I hope!

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