Monday, 2 July 2012

Summer is here

I am so not going to moan about the weather!!!

I am really enjoying the dog boarding and it is lovely to get to know all our guests. We have a Rotti in at the moment who I would love to hide when the owners come to collect her. She is just fabulous. So affectionate and loving. She and some of the others come up onto my yard for a good run around. My boys are loving it too as they get to play with these lovely dogs. They are animal crackers too.

We do have a cocker spaniel in who hasn't settled in the boarding and didn't even settle in our house until I put her with some of my dogs. I think she needed the company.  She is fine now.

The girls cooking litters are starting to look a little round now so we should have puppies later this month. We are expecting Labradoodles and jackapoos. Fingers crossed all goes well for them.

Toffee should come into season soon so we should have cockerpoos later in the year too.

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