Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Chunky puppies

Jilly has just had a good play session, in the rain. She needed a break from her Mummy duties as she is doing a fantastic job. The puppies are all doing great and they have doubled at least since they were born. Their coats are just starting to break a little as they are Labradoodles.

My boys are at pony camp this being their last day they have a one day event, riding dressage, show jumping and cross country. They have both had a fantastic week, both having had responsibilities for a squadron and many of the children are new to senior camp so they have had their work cut out.

I am shattered as the business is very busy and I have been doing all the food shopping for camp each day and taking it up to them. Well! it gets me in to make sure my boys are ok :) I have a lady who comes in to let the dogs out at lunch time and help out in what ever way is needed. She is enjoying it thank goodness as it is so hard to find some one you can trust with not just your business but your home as well.

Must go and get the water proofs out as it is throwing it down of course :(

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