Thursday, 9 August 2012


What a life, all that drinking and snoozing.

As you can see the puppies are doing very well and growing fast. Bitch milk is incredibly nutritious.
They are opening their eyes and ears and are just about managing to get their bellies off the floor and waddle around. I will start weening them now which takes some pressure off Jillly.
She is a fantastic Mum who is enjoying having unlimited food. Well she is a Labrador.

The businesses are all very busy what with summer holidays and the olympics. It is lovely to hear of peoples experiences when they come back from London. I have heard nothing but praise from the number of people out on the streets guiding people to their destination to how clean and welcoming it all is to the whole atmosphere and level of excitement being quite electric. I would love to have got hold of tickets and experienced it first hand and I am so very pleased those empty seats have been filled.

I have a lady on board to help me a little with the animals which is great. I managed to rope her into helping me with a little DIY too and we built a small pen in the end room of the dog boarding. We just need to get some shelves up now and plumb in the dogs washer then everything is done and I should be able to put my feet up. Just a little :)

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