Monday, 20 August 2012

Interesting day!

I had to leave my eldest son to do midwifery duties today as Lulu started whelping at 5 am and I had an appointment mid am. I had no choice but to go but my son is perfectly capable and indeed proved his capability as he had to help one out of the amniotic sack and this evening is doing very well, as they all are.

We now have Labradoolde 50/50 F1 chocolate or one cream girl. 4 weeks old
Jackapoos just one little black and white girl. 3 weeks old
Ladradoodles 75/25F1B these should be low/non shedding and curly/ fleece coated. Born today

We continue to be quite busy with all the boarding animals but this evening we did find time to play on the horses and what fun it was.
I haven't ridden for weeks so was a little tentative. I really enjoy riding our 14.3hh fellow so I am going to take him when I go to horse camp. I have so much responsibility sitting on my shoulders so my safety has to be priority. Camp is just fun for me as I really do not have the time to compete at the moment which is a shame but reality.

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