Friday, 31 August 2012

So cute!

These are our F1 guys who are ready to start leaving this week end. I have managed to get them out on our yard, playing with our adult dogs over the last few days which is great for their education and confidence building. They are fully weened and wormed and eating 4 good meals a day.
They are practicing their "choose me" face here.

I have had a lot of the bull breeds of dogs in the boarding and have decided that they are definitely different as they use their shoulder strength and like their play mate on their backs. They seldom growl and I would think give very little warning if they are going to turn nasty. Having said that the ones we have had in have all been lovely and we never leave any dogs out un attended so have had no problems.
The biggest was an American bull dog and he is HUGE.

Marion (my help) is settling well and getting used  to the dogs. She was always great with the cats but has had to learn more about the rabbits and small pets too. She says she is enjoying it and I do hope so as it is lovely to have help on board that you can trust.

I an very disappointed as I am having to give my one self indulgent week end a miss this year as there is just so much going on with our businesses and my boys too and I would never want them to feel "parked" in any way.
There is always next year.

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