Saturday, 19 November 2011

So cute!

Now 2 weeks old. Eyes are opening and one little black girl is desperately trying to walk. She has made it right across the room a few times. She has obviously got an independent character.

I have taken deposits for a few already as people have patiently waited for these puppies to be born. They either know other dogs bred by us and obviously like them or people have recommended us, either way I am safe in the knowledge that these families really do want a dog. Not just any dog, the right dog for them.

They will be ready to start to leave home from 16th December  which means by spring 2012 they will be ready to go out and about and have lots of adventures. If the training is carried out correctly they should have obedient and energetic young dogs. What fun they should all have, not least of all the puppies :)

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