Monday, 14 November 2011

8 days old

The whole litter are doing very well. The noise they make at times is unbelievable. They cannot walk as yet but boy, can they get around the room!! Their coats are lovely and getting more curly. This is important as in my experience the more curly the coat the less likely hood that they will shed.

Bea is such a proud Mum and clearly is enjoying the extra attention.

Pippa is in season again so I will have to keep her well away from Oscar (my only male) as she will want to be mated when her hormones are right and she will not mind that he is a Labrador and she just a little terrier :)

I am hoping to get out a little on my horse this week.
The builders are busy moving the dog boarding forwards.
I do have a few cats in but it is not too busy.
The 2 French exchange students I had here last week have gone home now.
All in all a slightly quieter week!!   At the moment anyway :)

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