Saturday, 19 November 2011

Who had a Birthday then?

What lovely, lovely friends and family I have as, yes I had a BIIIG Birthday this week. This cake is just too nice to eat and so thoughtful. My home is like a wine bar and a florist shop and I am also going, one day, to have a whizz about in a Farrari.  (my lovely, kind, big sister and neices).

What a beautiful sun rise this morning and did my dogs make me smile?.

Toffee and Jess thought they were racing each other on an imaginary race track. Gemma (my old girl) got all giddy after I had groomed her. She put her tail between her legs and off she went. All my other dogs followed. A sea of dogs wrestling and running with such freedom and energy. Just having fun with not a care in the world. Lucky dogs :)

The builders have been here working hard all week and they are here again today (Saturday). The building is almost ready for the roof which means the electrician can start soon. It is enormous and each dog unit is very generous. As my aim is to ensure the dogs comfort and welfare whilst in my care, having space is but one factor to be considered.

We shall be open for Christmas 2011 :)

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