Friday, 11 November 2011

Dog's Paws Open for Christmas 2011

Yes I am very pleased with how it is all taking shape but I took a lot of comfort from the council inspector being impressed by it too.  She inspects all South Derbyshire's boarding facilities so is able to make an objective judgement.

I have been granted a licence which means I can now take bookings.

Having a number of dogs of my own I have set the boarding up in such a way to attempt to address the needs of the dogs.

They have their own spacious unit, with a small run attached. It will be heated from under the ground and they will have lovely thick bedding to sleep on.
I will feed only quality food and they all have their own, constantly fresh water supply.
Regularly they will have the freedom to run wild in our safe, large run.

One of the most important facts is that this is my business, at our home. My boys and I are in and out all the time so the dogs, as with all animals in our care will have as much or as little attention as they would like.

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