Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Maternity unit

As we love to give all puppies bred here the best of starts in life, with each and every puppy getting lots of handling, love and attention, I don't, in the ideal world have more than one litter at a time.

OK, so we don't live in an ideal world!

Lulu, who until 10 days ago didn't look pregnant is whelping at this very moment. (03.20)

As the uterine buds sit just beneath a dogs spinal column and if the dogs is fit and muscular, the puppies will be held high until they absolutely cannot any longer. The bitch does seem to become pregnant over night. This is a safe place for the puppies if the bitch should be struck by predators. OK so there aren't too many around these days but nature does have a way of protecting and ensuring survival.

Lulu's puppies are multi generational (Labradoodle and Labradoodle) Hugo is Dad if you would like to view him on

Lulu wasn't sure what on earth to do with the first couple born but is getting the hang of it now. (Thank goodness) She is also being less clumsy with them.

Bea's litter are all doing very well. They are in the next room and are very noisy.

Our home is going to be filled with fun and joy as the puppies grow and develope.

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