Sunday, 27 November 2011

3 weeks old already!

They are up on their feet now, wrestling and playing and  thankfully, still sleeping quite a lot.
I gave them their first meal on Saturday and they loved it. They all tucked in.

The builders have been here, all weather, for what seen like an age now. It is certainly taking shape though. The roof timbers are almost complete so the tiles can go on next week. I have appointed a plumber and electrician and the gents who are doing the exercise run are all set to go.
It has been a huge project for me and significant investment but I have had quite a number of enquiries already and have embarked upon a fairly extensive advertising campaign so finger crossed.

The cattery is almost full for Christmas which is of course great news. Many of the bookings are for 1/2 or even 3 weeks. My eldest son did say he would get up early on Christmas morning to help me. Lets see if he does :)

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