Monday, 7 November 2011

All go

Bea has done it again and delivered a beautiful litter of gorgeous Labdradoodle puppies. Chocolate, Golden and Black. Boys and girls. They look sooo health with beautiful shiny coats ( I'll get some pictures later).

Lulu is due at any moment too. Another night duty ahead:)

We have two French pupils staying with us at the moment. They are 13 year old girls from a school in the centre of Paris, they live in the suburbs, so they were wowed by our home. Thankfully they love dogs and animals.
It is lovely to have girls in the house even though their English is not great and our French leaves a lot to be desired. We do have fun though with the dictionaries on the table and we all sit and eat and try hard to converse.

I actually managed to get my horse out for a hack this morning. I did just walk him as his shoe is loose. It was lovely though and he is such a good boy as wagon and busses go whizzing by.

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