Thursday, 9 June 2016

Preparing for summer

The dog boarding extension is almost complete which gives us an additional 20 units. 

Just the inner, granite,  floor to put in which will help to keep the dogs cool as we are going to have a hot summer :) :)

We have created a car parking area for the dogs too which should ease the congestion on my yard at busy times also make it safer for dogs moving from car to kennels as it will be secure with fencing all around.

We have 9 separate exercise areas with a further 6 planned 

Having run my kennels for 3 years now I take great delight in having lots of separate areas for dogs to play in either alone or with a couple of "friends" and as long as we have enough pens they can all go out for a good, long time. When they are back in their own unit they sleep and are generally quiet until the next out time in the afternoon they then sleep all night. 

Boarding kennels do not need to be constant yapping. Thankfully :)

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