Sunday, 20 September 2015

Learning new skills :)

I have just had the most fabulous holiday. 
I was invited to go and learn to sail on a 46foot yacht in the Ionian so off I went.
Sail Blue Planet 
Hopping from island to island, beautiful cove to cove in Greece

I learnt the basics of sailing and gained my competent crew certificate. 
Next I may take the day skipper ( I hope there will be a next)

I do have an ambition to sail in the clipper boat race and who knows, one day :)

I saw many, pitiful dogs and cats out on the islands. All the male dogs entire and most of the females looking pregnant. Non looked in great health and all were scrounging tit bits off the tourists. I was very careful not to touch them as i'm sure they weren't in the best of health and may have fleas too.

I chatted with one lady who takes the strays in and we both puzzled why no one castrates/ neuters these poor animals. I guess the cats form their pest control as they were constantly around the kitchens

I will put some photos on when I have a minute 

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