Thursday, 23 April 2015

where does the time go?

I cannot believe how busy I am at the moment and this should be my lul before the summer storm :)
I have painting to finish and floors to lay in the cattery units and other maintenance bit to do.

So where is my time going?

Well :) We do have two litters of puppies which are real time wasters :) They do take a lot of care, putting food in one end and cleaning up the other before they plaster it all over each other. I cannot wait to get them out in the fresh air for a little while but at just 3 weeks they are still too young.

We have cockatoo puppies too. Born Saturday. They are noisy but no trouble at the moment as Jess is doing a fantastic job. Good girl.

I have several of my other girls in season so coordinating their mating when the studs are available takes some doing too. I usually mate, when she is receptive then 24 hours later so very time consuming but worth it when we see the lovely puppies we produce.

Then we have the fun day looming so my grounds have to be well prepared. I spent all afternoon mowing the parking field. Ill finish that off today. We are busy chasing stall holders and demonstrations. Ensuring we have commitment wherever we can. We need to have the running order for the day in place and details of the sponsors to we can utilise Mel's dad to sign write the "thank you" board.

We now have as entertainment

Heal work to music
Dog obedience demonstration
Dog agility and 'come and have a go"

Birds of pray
pony rides
Little pigs
Quad bikes
Remote controlled cars and oodles more

And I have my new horse too. I have put him on a friends yard as he was clearly lonely. He has settled very well and is much calmer. He needs some work to build up his muscles but is proving a joy to work with

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