Saturday, 11 April 2015

What have I been up to? :)

Extension of cattery now has double, exterior cladding, heat pads, electric lights and I have started painting, the floor covering will be the last job then all ready for the summer rush :)
We have put a smart sink with a fantastic, instant water heater in too for washing the pots. No longer will they have to go into my house kitchen.

Cleaning of dog and cat units never stops as I am so determined never to have smelly units so as we have been very busy over Easter that has kept me busy too.

Ok, this is what I have been up to too :)

I have bought myself a new horse. Well it is my passion and I'm no longer providing them for my boys as they are off doing other things. Teenage boys :) This is my time
This gorgeous boy is 12 years old 16.3hh so big ish. He is a lovely natured and a very honest horse. I have had lots of fun with him already and only had him 1 week. The lovely people who had him for 5 years I know are missing him but we will, undoubtedly stay in touch. He has only ever had 2 homes which is quite something in the horse world. I'll let you know what we get up to and how we get on if you like?

Back to business

Bookings are coming in for summer so please don't delay or there won't be any room at the inn

Family Fun and Doggy Day plans are well underway and I really hope it is a huge success and the two children's charities we raise funds for will benefit also
Mel and I think this will be our last one so please make sure you join us for a fun day out

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