Saturday, 28 March 2015

Down on the farm

I am creating another two, large dog runs.

One takes the dogs onto our island where I have retained some trees. The boy dogs, especially will enjoy that :) The netting is on its way so you know what I shall be doing next week.
I just need to decide what to put on the ground as earth just doesn't work. My gravel play surface works well or maybe sand?

The other is in my horse menage which is providing a huge area for the dogs to have a great run around. It isn't being used at the moment so it is such a waste. I have put 40 tonnes of sand on top of the rubber so the dogs don't pick up the black staining and I just need to put netting on over of the post and rail and we are ready to go. Any high energy, who won't/cannot jump over 4 feet will get to use it and I can think of many. I may put a shelter in there too and they could play out lots and have a place to rest when they need one.

My boys are doing great
Eldest has just bought an MX5 to "do up" and I guess sell at some point but he and his mates are really enjoying it
My middle son is preparing for his A level exams but he has secured a place at De Montford uni to study business management with HR
My youngest had a great school report. He is first year GCSE's and should do very well. He is loving his rugby and becoming very invoked with it too

They main point is they are all happy. They continue to help me when I really need it (they are teenage boys :)) They have watched our business grow from piles of rubble and an empty grass paddock and I take great pride in the positive influence it has had on them and educated them that hard work does reap rewards.  ooo getting a little sentimental here :)

Dog boarding extension I think will happen after the summer when the ground is harder to take heavy wagons. Watch this space, as they say

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