Tuesday, 17 March 2015


I have been busy :)

We now have a gate entry warning system which lets us know, where ever we are, of peoples arrival

We now have a CCTV system which I can log onto when I'm out and about. It alerts me, on my mobile when ever there is movement too.

We now have electric gates which open only at set times

All of these measures have been taken to enhance security as your pets, whilst in my care are very important. We have had no problems with intruders and I am making sure we never do :)

We also have sensors on the lights which automatically turn them off which is good news for the bill payer (me)

My digger man is coming this week to move some soil so we can create an additional run for the boarders. I am trying to take it onto our island a little and incorporate some trees which will be nice for the boy dogs (if you know what I mean) also for playing chase around. The dogs will have fun whilst on their holiday.

This way of life is very rewarding. I have many stories of nervous, frightened dogs who have settled well and thoroughly enjoyed their stay so much so their next visit it is with a waggy tail.

I recently looked after a 7 months old, toy poodle who the vets told the owner they would have to sedate to microchip and a dog groomer couldn't get near. He left us a happy, well socialised little boy, fully groomed, microchipped and very welcome to return. His owners were delighted and have booked him in again.

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