Saturday, 18 April 2015

What's happening down on the farm?

 I have a new (second hand ) mower so been mowing anything that stands still long enough in preparation for May Day charity event. Hope we are going to see you, your family and friends. 

We have managed to secure a demonstration of dog agility with a "have a go session" which will be fun I have no doubt. Why not come along and "have a go" it is great for the dogs, they love it once they get the hang of it and it certainly helps with their training.

I am trying to work out how to fill in some of the moat so when I create the big, new dog run for the boarders I can let them have the run of part of our island. They will love it as there are trees for the boys to do what only boy dogs do well :) The ground is undulating which will be fun for them to run and play on. The first, lovely job for me is to go into the stagnant water to put an extension on the pipe that brings storm water in off the roofs of the houses. Nice but some one has to do it :)

Marian has been helping me as we have given the cattery a spring clean. I'm hoping she will be around next week too to help with my mammoth task of painting it all. My cattery is now quite a few years old and people do comment on how fresh, clean and definitely non smelly it is and that is my mission to maintain.

My new horse is proving a little trick as he is in need of company, they are herd animals after all. Being here alone isn't nice as he calls to the many horses next door but no one calls back. 
I am worried about hacking on these dreadful roads as many of the drivers these days don't seem to acknowledge there is a person on the back of that horse and clearly think you have no right to be there as they squeeze you into the curb. 
I may move him to a "better place"
He is a lovely boy with the most fantastic paces, just needs some good quality work and muscling up in the "correct" way. A great project for me and as his underlaying nature is kind that is going to be very rewarding. I have only had him two weeks tomorrow so very early days.

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