Sunday, 19 July 2015

Oh what fun

Last evening we had a "bit of a do"

It was to thank all for helping with the fun day in May as without the family and friends Mel and I just couldn't have done it

We played rounders and had a BBQ

As always the weather was perfect

I bought 100 rolls and this morning there are just 8 left

There were many cakes baked and only crumbs here this morning so I can only assume every one was well fed

It was a whole family affair so there were lots of youngsters and they were fantastic. They played rounders too so everyone had to be patient but it was funny when they didn't really get the game and once hit the ball just ran in circles

Mel's day guest my funniest moment award as he was fielding, the ball slogged by a strong, teenager, his eyes followed it through the tree and he watched the far fielder to see if he catches it BUT it had hit a branch and fell on this head. Everyone howled

Thank you to all for making it such a fun evening x

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