Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Who loves the snow?

My partners dog (A huge Labradoodle) looks like a cartoon character with his nose under the snow and bum in the air running, creating a snow storm. The other dogs look on in amusement and a little baffled. Their curiosity gets the better of them and they join in. What fun!

Horses coats must have a great ability to retain their body heat as our young horse has no rug on, he has chosen to be out as it has snowed and has 2 inches of unmelted snow on his back.
They are coping very well. They have hard feed and unlimited hay. Water has presented a difficulty but there is always the tap in the house so we ferry water to them.

About 7 years ago I planted some tiny Christmas trees. They now stand 20 feet talk. Fabulous you may think but the horses have done topiary and very badly might I say, as to cut one for use in our home, there may be about 3 feet of green at the very top.  We had to go and buy one this year.

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