Monday, 6 December 2010

Beautiful days

This is our dogs playground. They never go on a lead and have ooodles of fun chasing each other around our fields. They walk with me when I tend our horses. I walk in a straight ish line across the fields and they do many circuits more. They know the routine and by the time i'm back at the top gate they have rejoined me as food is next.

You can see our frozen pond. It has many fish in and the heron is oftain stood by it. I think he is willing them to come to the surface but he has no chance they go deep down for the winter and in any event there is a few inches of ice at the top. How does the heron survive the winter?

They puppies are just over a week old now. They have doubled in size and doing great.
Oscar (Dad) paid them a visit yesterday.

Jilly (Mum) would love to be back out playing ball.

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