Thursday, 9 December 2010

The reality of puppy training

Puppy training starts from the minute they are born, which is why we have them in our home and not an out house, shed or barn. 

We handle them, as long as mum is happy, from day one. The puppies get used to us, our smells and the noises we make.

Their sense of smell and hearing is far superior to ours. Eyes and ears open around day 14 but believe me they can certainly hear before then as they regularly confirm this when they squeal if I make a big noise. They are certainly not keen on me hoovering!

At around week 3 we start the weening process. We always us soaked specialist puppy food and call "puppies" when putting it down for them. By the time they are 6 weeks old (weather permitting) we could let them run around our extensive yard and call them and they will all come running.

By week 10 they should understand sit, down, stay and come. If you have done the right groundwork recall should be easy too.

Socialising is a fundamental part of training and whenever possible take puppy with you. This will aid building his confidence.

Other than feeding in the early months don't have a routine and then puppy won't fret if you break it. 

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