Tuesday, 7 December 2010


This is off the bridge in Findern at dusk. The canal is frozen and the hedge looks like a child's crystal growing kit. As temperatures have plummeted to -14℃ We have struggled to keep the water from freezing especially for the horses. They eat dry hay so need water more than ever.

The dogs are doing ok. They come into the house for a warm up and are happy to play and wrestle outside. They adapted to the ice underfoot now so less slipping and sliding thank goodness.

Jilly and the puppies are great. They should be opening their eyes and ears any day now. We have had a lot of interest in them and have taken a number of deposits.

Holly our poodle with Addisons is doing well. She has 5 tablets a day and appears to be stable. She is such a lovely dog and I would love to find her a home where she will be pampered.

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