Thursday, 16 December 2010

Oh No!!

We have just defrosted (and mended a burst pipe) and they say we are going back to - degrees again.

I managed to leave the doors of the log burner open and yes! of course! a piece of coal fell out onto my not very old rug GGGRRRR!  Yet another expense and so close to Christmas.  

Every cloud has a silver lining though as my dogs now have a lovely new rug in their kennel. I had to fold it and it sits a little up the walls too. Snug. Lets hope they don't chew it.

The labrador puppies are doing very well. Eyes fully opened and starting to waddle. I bought wormers today. Puppies always pass worms even though I am vidulant in my worming programme for my adult dogs and bitches.

Toilet training starts now too as I cover half of the pen with news paper and half vet bed. The puppies will waddle off the vet bed to use the paper. There is no great award to be give to us trainers as this is instinct for the puppies. If the new owners use the crates wisely the puppy will be house trained with a degree of ease.

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